Stockbroking ahead of the curve in 2022

Stockbroking ahead of the curve in 2022

The world of stockbroking has changed dramatically in recent years, with new regulations restricting the markets and investment instruments on which many brokers can advise. While these changes were aimed at protecting clients, in some cases they have also impacted client returns and the broker-client relationship. Consequently, the propositions offered by many brokers have become narrower or simplified, as firms move to protect themselves and meet greater regulatory demands.

At Vinco Wealth Management, we take a very different approach with what our brokers can offer.

While fully compliant with the latest regulations and aware of the need to protect investor interests, we offer our brokers the scope to use their skills and experience to flourish. We have created a working environment where brokers can prosper and work more closely with their clients, and this has proved extremely helpful when looking to recruit high-calibre individuals, who in turn can impress and retain their clients with a more personalised service offering.

Forward-thinking and fully compliant

Many larger stockbroking companies are unwilling or unable to grasp the nettle of new technology and new investment trends, but at Vinco we take a forward-thinking approach to advice and investment strategies. Rather than pushing a single product offering to as many clients as possible, we offer our clients and their brokers access to multiple products and platforms, through our high-touch, personal service. This approach has attracted not only established brokers to this new broker-centric working environment but also the up-and-coming stars of tomorrow. As a result, we have created a productive and enjoyable workplace, incorporating both individuals and team players working as one.

Attractive remuneration

Vinco Wealth Management fully values the benefits of long-term working relations with our brokers. Historically, many brokers have learned their trade at big firms and gone on to prosper elsewhere, but we have levelled the playing field by creating an environment where our brokers feel they can  fulfil their potential. We meet many brokers who have successfully built their own franchise of loyal clients at larger firms, only to feel inadequately rewarded, and having to manage their clients within a one-size-fits-all model. At Vinco, our brokers  focus on controlling their own business with support from the wider team, and sharing the commercial rewards of that business from the very start.

Utilising the latest technology

Access to a vast range of research, expert opinion, and the latest technology ensures that our brokers are at the cutting edge of investment advice. We operate across many fields, including CFDs, advisory stockbroking, discretionary stockbroking, ISA, SIPPs and Trusts, all under the wealth management umbrella. Performance stats, individual company reports and access to market-specific data are available at your fingertips. This allows you to remain one step ahead of your clients, able to guide and advise them accordingly.


Our client-centric approach to investment puts the power in the hands of our brokers, allowing them to build close relationships with their clients. We also have teams of experts specialising in different areas, allowing you to seek in-house support and advice across a broad range of markets and investment instruments. We see the Vinco Wealth Management brokers as one team, working together to deliver outstanding service to our clients.

 Flexible and open-minded

While appreciative of traditional stockbroking services, we also have our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and investment tools. We find that this flexible and open-minded approach to investment creates the perfect environment where our brokers can prosper and push themselves. Rather than restricting the skills and advice of our team, we want you to thrive, show innovation and lead where the rest follow. We don’t want to limit your thoughts and actions, nor harness or hold back innovation, always remaining open-minded to new ideas.


Our recruitment strategy is a blend of innovation and the best of the traditional world of stockbroking. We offer conventional investment services under our own permissions, but also CFDs, spread bets and other emerging investment markets. Our strategy is client-centric within a workplace founded on brokers’ own entrepreneurial energy. We provide the latest training, access to research and cutting-edge technology with an open-ended and compelling remuneration package. So, if you want to realise your full potential within a forward-thinking stockbroking business, don’t hesitate to contact us today

November 2022


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