FAQs for Investors

Is my portfolio secure with Vinco Wealth Management?

Yes. All of your holdings are segregated and Vinco Wealth Management does not hold any client funds. All cash will be held on deposit at Saxo Capital Markets UK Ltd and fully covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
All share certificates will be held at Saxo Capital Markets UK Ltd on a nominee basis and would be transferred in your name in the event Saxo Bank Group was unable to meet their financial obligations.

How quickly can I open an account?

We aim to open all investments accounts within 3 working days. All clients will receive a letter of engagement to confirm the investment strategy and fee structure.

What will I pay for advice?

Your initial consultation will be free of charge.
Advice charges will only be incurred on a commission basis for transactions that you choose to make; these would be on a sliding scale, depending on their size, and are disclosed prior to each trade. Contract notes stating all charges paid will be e-mailed to you for transparency.

How quickly can I access my money?

We would advise to allow for 3-5 working days if fully invested. The more notice you can give us the better prepared we can be raising cash levels on your account. CFD accounts allow for 2-3 working days.

Do you advise on tax?

No, we are not tax advisors so you will need to seek independent advice. We can, however, refer you to accountants subject to your location and requirements.

Do I have my own stockbroker?

Each client will have their own dedicated broker to discuss investment ideas and will be contactable up until US equities markets have closed.

How do I move my certificates into my account with you?

Please see ‘accounts elsewhere‘ section

Is there a charge for depositing shares with you?


How regularly can I have income paid into my account?

Income can be paid out monthly, quarterly and annually.

Can I see my accounts online?

Yes. All Vinco Wealth Management clients will have access to their holdings via an individual login showing your portfolio and cash positions. These will be priced daily or on a live basis depending on the type of products you hold.

Please e-mail questions directly to info@vincowealth.co.uk

Do you offer a Tier 1 (investor) compliant investment portfolio?

Yes at Vinco Wealth Management we offer a Tier 1 (Investor) Advisory Service individually tailored to each client.
Download our Tier 1 Advisory Service brochure

Please see our video for more information on our Tier1 Investor Visa Advisory Service..

For more information on Tier 1 Investor Advisory Service please contact us directly
Tel. 0207 412 8907 or contact us by E-mail info@vincowealth.co.uk

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