Discretionary portfolio management may be more suitable for clients who do not want to be involved in every transaction in their portfolio, and prefer to delegate the decisions to investment experts. Once the overall objectives and risk appetite are confirmed by the client, our specialist team will take responsibility for the day-to-day management of the portfolio, towards meeting those objectives.

Our service offers our clients a portfolio of investments that seeks to increase the real value of an investor’s wealth over a long-term period. By investing in a variety of securities across different asset classes worldwide, the portfolio is designed to preserve the real worth of capital, and it also aims to achieve above industry- average performance while minimising risk through careful diversification. Both the choice of asset allocation and selection of individual bond, fund or stock is made with a view to owning real investments which have the potential to keep pace with inflation and have the potential to grow returns over the medium to longer

Investment Beliefs

  • Asset allocation is the key driver for long term portfolio performance
  • Tactical asset allocation to cover both global and local macro-economic conditions
  • Cost of investment is kept to a minimum, as it is the only known aspect of any investment prior to performance realisation
  • Best risk management practice features a diversified range of assets

Investment Process

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