Appointed Representative (AR) Services

As an FCA regulated Principal firm, Vinco Wealth Management offers an ‘umbrella’ service for companies who want to conduct regulated investment business independently, but also need assistance with their business operations and regulatory requirements.

Why become an Appointed Representative?

Candidates have different reasons for wanting to become an Appointed Representative. Some candidates choose the AR service when moving from a large corporate environment, allowing them to create their own stockbroking brand in the market place, whilst being supported by an experienced team.
Other candidates use the AR process as a way of gaining valuable regulatory and compliance experience on their journey to becoming directly authorised by the FCA.

Why Vinco Wealth Management?

Having had the experience of operating within the AR environment for many years, we have tailored a service to ensure we deliver the much needed support to ensure any new ARs have the ability to build a business with confidence and within the regulatory rules, and if they choose, to ultimately reach their company goal of being directly authorised.

Benefits of the Vinco AR Service

  • Regulatory umbrella hosting including Retail advisory permissions
  • Access to leading platform and custody providers including client money handling
  • Proactive compliance monitoring and training
  • Compliance site visits, audits and policies
  • Application and suitability procedures including risk management tools
  • On-going support with FCA application for direct authorisation
  • Capital requirements provided by Principal Firm
  • FCA Gabriel reporting / FSCS & FCA fees included in service fee
  • Clear contracts and timely monthly payments
  • Potential serviced office space
  • Access to Vinco’s trusted network of professional services including: Compliance support, Accounting, Website development and marketing strategies.

Locum Services

If you are already directly authorised by the FCA, or are planning to be in the future, we can help you maintain the governance and stability of your business by acting as a Locum for you. Our experience of managing regulatory obligations, including financial promotions and operational matters could assist in keeping your business running smoothly while you are on holiday, absent or experience unexpected emergencies.

In addition, we can support you with file reviews, monitoring and competency requirements so you can ensure you stay compliant as well as independent.

Next steps
If you are interested in working with Vinco directly or via the AR umbrella or Locum service, we would welcome the opportunity to hear more about your business requirements. Please contact us on 0207– 412-8907 or by e-mail at

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